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At Burton Travel, we believe in listening to what you want, so that you are satisfied with our travel services while providing you with an experience that matches your budget and travel needs. Our consultants are eager to share their world travel knowledge with you from the many exotic locations available to fit your travel time with the top most reputable tour organizers, cruise lines, hotels, transportation services and other important travel information. The range of destinations includes but is not limited to; South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, Canada, The Caribbean, France, Switzerland, The Mediterranean, The Nordic region, Central Asia, Western Europe, America and Alaska. So whether it is your honeymoon or family vacation, or even a business trip, Burton Travel can help fit everything into your schedule.

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<p>With over 35 years experience in planning and travelling worldwide, we have the expertise you need to be prepared for your next adventure or travel experience. We are dedicated to providing you with the travel service you need and deserve at the travel destinations of your choice. Whether it’s the ultimate relaxation or a thrilling adventure, we are there to make sure that you have the time of your life. Whether you are in search of a romantic getaway for two or looking for a business retreat, we are there to ensure your every travel dream comes true. Travel the world and see what surprises are waiting for you at Burton Travel.</p>
<p>From Sydney to Sydney Harbour; from Brisbane to Brisbane, Australia; from Tokyo to Tokyo, Japan; from Las Vegas to Miami, Florida; from Los Angeles to Los Angeles, California; Burton Travel is there for you. If it is a theme park or a beach getaway, from the UK to the UK, the world is our playground. We cater for all kinds of travel and vacation needs – be it a family vacation, honeymoon getaway, corporate retreats or just a group adventure. It is truly a haven for adventure and discovery.</p>
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Whether it is an oceanfront getaway or an urban jungle trek, our expert team is ready to set off on your next adventure. There are so many exciting travel destinations to choose from. For the thrill seeker, there are the Scuba Diving centres in Hawaii and Florida; The Orient Beach Resort in Australia; or The Rainforest Adventure Park in Costa Rica. For those who prefer to go green, we have eco-tours, nature walks and hikes; or if you are looking for a high-desert safari, we have Africa, America and New Zealand to explore.

When you book a Burton Travel Tour, you are preparing for the greatest adventure of your life. Each destination offers something completely new. From ancient ruins to lush jungles and spectacular white beaches, each tour is like a treat to our diversified palate. You will never be bored or disappointed. You can even choose your own destination. It is up to you where you want to go.

Burton is the perfect travel destination for people who love animals. You can visit the Norfolk Broads National Reserve, where you can view many exotic animals such as sea lions, bears, eagles and even whales. Of course, you cannot miss the fact that Norfolk is home to the UK’s only wildlife park, The Wye River National Park.

The beautiful coastline of the English Channel provides endless opportunities for enjoyable river cruises. Whether you want to explore some of the castles or just go surfing, you will certainly enjoy a cruise in the English Channel. If you are looking for more excitement, you may also want to try the Eurostar train, which leaves from St Pancras International Station in London and passes through France and England. You can see spectacular scenery during the trip.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? If so, then why not try the Himalayan Experience. This amazing adventure takes you on a trek to the country of Nepal. At the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range, you will find valleys and villages, which have been carved by the Buddhist monks more than a thousand years ago. At the Himalayan village of Dolpo, you can witness the life of the Tibetan people. What you will see here will definitely take your breath away; this is one of the best places in the world, which offers the ultimate trekking experience.