Everything you need to know about parental authorization to travel

Everything you need to know about parental authorization to travel

Travelling with your children can be quite a challenge in these modern times, but there is no reason why a parent authorization to travel should be ignored. With the world being as it is, there are many risks for young travellers both online and in the "real" world. In addition to the obvious dangers such as kidnapping or radical groups, there are also some other, much less visible dangers for parents. In this article we’ll cover some of these and seek your child’s approval as to whether they should accompany you on your next trip abroad.

Parental authorization to travel written authorization must be signed by the parent(s). This is most often required for international travel, although it may also be required if you are returning to Canada from another country. Must be accompanied by an unexpired copy of their own passport or national identity card clearly showing their signature as parent. The passport must be valid and have ample photo-port documentation for both parent and child (Ren). The consular affairs office in your home country will be able to assist with further details.

There are some who believe that the issuance of parent authorization to travel is superfluous, unnecessary and even an injustice to the children. They argue that a parent should have the right to decide whether or not they want to travel with their children. However, as a former overseas traveller, I can tell you that there is nothing unjust or dandy about parental permission to travel. It allows you to protect your children while ensuring that they are not exposed to situations that could put them at risk. And there are certainly cases in which travelling abroad without parental or legal consent may put both the parent and the child at risk.

Your first step in securing the parent’s authorization to travel abroad with your children is to secure their consent. While most people think this is an unnecessary step, it is a necessity if you are travelling outside your country of citizenship. When you go to the passports office in your country, they are required to give you consent in writing. You can get this consent in person or online through one of a few secure online sources. Your child’s consent to travel should include the explicit details about where and when you wish to travel together.

Once you have obtained your consent, you are now ready to apply for your passport. The procedure varies by country, but most of them take around 2 weeks to process. In addition to your application, you will need to present the above mentioned documents with your child. This usually includes itinerary, passport photos, school certificates, and any other documents that prove your relationship with your children. Depending on the country, your parent’s signature may also be required, or you may be asked to accompany your children to their respective embassies. However, your parent’s signature is still the more important document.

It is then time to actually go to the embassy you applied in. If you have done everything correct, they will hand you a list of names of the authorized parents. From there, you will have to present your list of documents to the consular officer. They will ask you a few questions and determine if you are eligible to travel with your children. In some countries, you will just be given a passport, while in other countries you will have to attend a scheduled interview with consular officials.

Once you have been approved to travel with your children, you can now choose where you would like to go. There are many options. Most often, the parents will want to visit their own countries and most likely stay for a week or two. Some may even decide to extend their trip for a month or more. Many countries do not have restrictions on traveling between countries if both parents hold a valid passport. You can plan your vacation based on the program offered by the country you are visiting.

Parent travel authorization will make traveling for your children much easier. In the case of emergencies, parents can simply ask for help from the authorities. Besides this, it also allows the parent to choose the best country for his or her trip. When choosing a destination, you have to consider the climate, the culture and the lifestyle of the people in that country. It is also important to look for a safe and secure place to stay during your stay.


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