Fisher price travel tender – perfect nursery furniture

A Fisher-Price Travel Tender offers a fun way for your family to enjoy the outdoors in style! It is a versatile crib and playpen that double as a comfortable bassinet for infants who are growing fast. It folds down to a size that is easy to carry and fits into a trunk or SUV. The travel center is made from blue, durable nylon fabric that doubles as a comfortable bassinet with an attached canopy for a secure, quiet sleep.

fisherprice travel tender

The top of the Fisher-Price Travel Tender has four soft spots that expand to accept bottles or pacifiers. This allows your baby to nurse while on the travel center. The top of the tester is also removable so you can change its diaper if necessary. The four points of contact on the tester expand to fit a number of infant bottles. This means that even if your baby grows quickly, you will never run out of nursed bottles.

The bassinets and crib have five small compartments that are divided by sturdy divider panels. This keeps bottles from rolling off and landing on your toddler. Additionally, it keeps your baby well ventilated so dust particles don’t accumulate against his or her skin. The compartment on the side is designed to grow with your child so there will be enough room for growth over time.

Parents love that the travel neckline snaps together with the crib. You simply close the nursery set using the handy latch, and the two sets are joined together. This allows quick access to your bassinets for changing or feeding times. As a bonus, the mattress is supported by foam so you can read and do homework on your bed without having to rock the bassinet. In addition, the sturdy metal frame makes this unit extremely stable for use in the home.

The bassinets are easily stackable and don’t take up much space when in the upright position. They sit upright on a platform the size of a book. This allows you to stack them in any order, or the way you need them to be positioned for maximum convenience for your baby. These travel beds make an ideal nursery furniture set for parents on the move.

As you can see, this is not a set for your baby to grow up in. It is a perfect "starter" piece that will provide endless hours of comfort and amusement. Most parents love their Fisher Price Travel Tender because it serves as much as a booster seat for their baby. The bassinet base allows for maximum comfort and versatility. With so many models available, you are sure to find just the right one to fit your style.


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