Long-term travel insurance worldwide

Long-term travel insurance worldwide

You can get the appropriate insurance for your trip if you get the policy from a reliable company like American Express Travel. The company has different offerings that are suitable for your needs when traveling. The deals offered by it include cheap hotel ibis, travel packages and many more options. There are many offers made available for every tourist depending upon their requirement. There are special offers made for those people who would like to take a year-long tour around the world.

One of the best offers offered by American Express Travel is its discount travel insurance for a tourist staying in a five-star hotel. It covers all your expenses during your vacation and makes your holiday worry-free. As a member of the Starwood family, American Express has established several resorts and hotels throughout the world. The company also has a great deal of experience in dealing with various types of guests including frequent travelers. In order to provide you the best services, the company provides its members with its Gold VIP Pass, which includes all the amenities.

The company also has an affordable offer called the Best Worldwide Travel Insurance. You can find this offer online through its official website at no extra cost. Amongst all the deals offered by the American Express, this one is very reasonable and you will get the cover that you need for your trip. It provides you with the cover for your personal property, baggage, emergency assistance, accident insurance, hospitalization, home country medical insurance, 24 hours of medical assistance, accident overseas insurance, sports insurance, recreation insurance and much more. This offer also helps you save money on your premiums.

For those people who want to get the best value for their money, they should opt for the annual travel insurance offered by American Express Travel. This is a comprehensive coverage, which is highly beneficial for a tourist who is planning for a long stay in any country around the world. This plan covers every major aspect of your trip – your flight, your hotel stay, car rental and even for your pet’s travel expenses. Long stay travel insurance like this is highly recommended for a tourist who wants to enjoy his trip to the fullest without having any financial problems due to the sudden shortage of funds in case of an accident or illness.

American Express offers a wide range of plans – the Platinum Plus, Gold Plus, Silver Plus and the Diamond Plus plans. These are the most extensive and comprehensive plans available from the company. The prices of these plans remain competitive as compared to others. They offer you the flexibility of choosing whatever policy suits you best and also have flexible payment options. Moreover, you get a one-year global travel insurance free from your home country when you become a member of this company. Moreover, you also get an option to switch to another company with full customer support and a hassle free yearly renewal.

Medical Insurance: The medical insurance offers by the same company is another great way to protect yourself when traveling to other countries. The medical insurance offers cover for treatment ranging from hospitalization, operation, medicines and physiotherapy. It is highly recommended for those people who do not have any kind of financial support and depend on their savings. However, be careful that you don’t choose a policy that comes with a high premium rate since it might not be suited for your travel plans. Therefore, it is highly recommended to compare different plans offered by American Express to get the right coverage.


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