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travel agency lafayette la

The Lafayette Riverfront Parkway presents a great venue for a travel agency. This area is a major tourist draw because of its amazing architecture and history. The City of New Orleans has been described as the best city in the United States to live, work, or visit for its unique blend of culture and attractions. The City of Lafayette was named after the French riverboat captain Louis Lafayette, who later became the US Ambassador to Mexico.

The cruise and subsequent hotel accommodations at the Grand Hyatt Lafayette are perfect for groups with many people. The hotel itself is located on the banks of the river and offers a great dining, meeting, and conference center space for use by any type of business. This makes the Louisiana State University campus located right downtown an even more desirable location. For those interested in sightseeing, the riverfront area has many attractions. Grand River is the site of the popular annual Doggie Bowl, which brings a large crowd of people out to watch dogs perform their tricks.

If you are looking for a great deal on travel and lodging then a trip to New Orleans could not be better. There are several attractions that a traveling group can enjoy while spending their days in the Big Easy. One way to save money while touring this area is to make use of discount or cheap hotels. While there are numerous chain hotels in the downtown area, the best prices can be found in economical and budget friendly hotels located in close proximity to the major attractions.

The second way to save money on a trip to New Orleans is to use your travel agency. By booking a tour to participate in the American Auto Cruises Association annual tour de France, participants will save a good deal of money. The tour is a one day event that takes participants to over twenty cities including historic New Orleans. A bargain car is provided and a free meal and drinks during the day. Participants in this tour also receive a certificate valid for a free car rental and three nights at a local hotel.

Cruise lines and travel agencies all offer special deals and packages for cruises to Louisiana. Many cruise ships that dock in New Orleans feature areas of expertise for visitors and locals alike. Many people choose to take a cruise during the springtime, as northern views, sand and outdoor activities are abundant. For those who desire a slower pace, take a cruise during the fall or winter. Some packages include special discounts for groups booking a reservation using specific cruise dates.

For those interested in taking a cruise ship to North America, the best time to travel is in the Springtime. Sales and discounts will be more intense and rooms and amenities will be less expensive. Booking early to secure a spot on a cruise ship in the Mississippi delta or other areas rich with history can save a considerable amount of money on airfare and ground transportation.


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