Review of travelodge richfield utah

travelodge richfield utah

Travelodge Richfield Utah offers many luxurious and deluxe hotels for a variety of visitors. These hotels are located in cities such as Cedar City, Ogden, St. George, Provo, Sterling City, and Salt Lake City. The hotels are managed by the Holiday Inn Group that owns and manages more than thirty-two hotels across seven states in the United States. Most of the hotels are considered topnotch but there are a couple of that may be a little lacking in some areas or service. For example, the staff at the Holiday Inn in Cedar City may not provide adequate assistance with pets and children.

There is nothing very special about this Holiday Inn in Cedar City. There is a very large banquet hall inside that feels very cold and feels as though it is going to collapse. This is because it has very few windows and the heat inside the building is very intense. When you enter the lobby area, the first thing you will notice are the worn out carpeting on the walls.

The rooms are very basic; they have two bedrooms and a full bathroom with a counter top. The rooms are somewhat more comfortable than some of the other Holiday Inn hotels in Cedar City. The prices of these rooms are very affordable for the services and quality that they offer. The rooms have a full kitchen with stocked refrigerator and microwave. There is also a full sized washer and dryer in each of the guest rooms.

The other three hotels in Travelodge Richfield Utah all have four-star ratings. They offer deluxe rooms with individual baths. The rooms have a full living room area along with a dining area to eat at with a full entertainment system that includes a television set, DVD player, and an audio system. The rooms are clean and the staff is very nice and helpful. The buffet breakfast at the hotels consists of a continental breakfast, omelets in various sizes, waffles with fresh fruit, yogurt, and a variety of cereal. The hotel also has onsite washers and dryers.

The main attraction for Travelodge Richfield Utah is their high quality continental breakfast club. The club is a combination of great value, exceptional service, and the ability to save money at breakfast. This breakfast club offers two choices, one for morning and one for afternoon sessions. These morning sessions offer pastries, pancakes, waffles, waffle cookies, toast, cereal, yogurt, and juice.

When guests arrive at their room, they can pick up a free deluxe continental coffee or tea bag to take with them to the hotel. Once in their room the breakfast can begin. The room hosts are very polite and helpful. At eight o’clock they will hand you your plate and help you get into your bed.

At nine o’clock the room hosts will serve you another breakfast if you would like to continue with that. At ten o’clock all of your guests are served another full meal which includes dinner, dessert, and a morning cup of coffee. If you would like to have something to drink in the evening the room hosts have several choices. You may choose from a variety of great smoothies, soy beverages, mimosas, and specialty beverages.

Travelodge Richfield Utah is located minutes from the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. The hotel has a convenient location that is only blocks from the world famous venues and shopping malls. There are over 150 restaurants, bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, and shopping facilities within walking distance. There are also many fine hotels, inns, and serviced apartments in Richfield, Utah. The luxurious accommodations, complimentary services, and wonderful locations have made it one of the most popular hotels in the valley.


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