Travel books on china

Travel books on China are one of the best ways to explore this beautiful and historic country. If you love to travel, you know that finding the best possible resources is important for making the trip an enjoyable and successful experience. And what’s more, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as taking a journey through China, either for business or pleasure. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to find Chinese books online and in many stores that are perfect for any type of travel book.

travel books on china

One of the best books written about China, hands down, is" Beijing: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to China" by Roger Dawson. This book covers everything from getting ready to set off on your China vacation to preparing for it. It even gives you helpful advice about things like how to get around during your trip and what to pack for your trip. It’s a great primer for anyone who’s contemplating traveling to Beijing, as it covers all of the basics and challenges of the capital city of China.

Another excellent resource for travel books on China is "Beijing: Capital of China" by Yang Jie. This is a travel guide that covers almost everything you need to know about traveling to Beijing, as well as the different attractions within the city of Beijing. This book was originally published in 1998, and it remains highly popular among people traveling to the Chinese capital. You can even find "Beijing: Capital of China" in used bookstores, which is a great way to obtain a vintage copy of this classic book at a very affordable price.

For a comprehensive look at daily life in China, you might want to purchase" Beijing, People’s Capital" by Wang Xiaojie. This guide offers an interesting glimpse into everyday life in China, complete with a look at the Chinese traditional calendar and the layout of major cities in China. It provides information on everything from local food to foreign currency exchange. If you like your documentaries to be as detailed and as colorful as this book is, this would definitely be the best travel books on China that you could buy.

If you are looking for a more unique travel guide to China, you might want to check out "The Roaring Planet: A Brief History of China" by Anthony R. Smith. This classic book provides information on ancient architecture, including the Great Wall of China, as well as the different styles of architecture that can be seen throughout the country. Although the book covers the history of architecture in China, it also delves into the fascinating world of chopsticks, which are now synonymous with China. Smith describes the intricate details that go into the construction of chopsticks and illustrates these details with photographs. Although this book does not cover as much information as some of the other travel books on China, it is still a great addition to your library.

Another interesting book that you may find interesting is "China: The Modern Mandarin" by Steven E. Ford. This travel book covers both Beijing and Shanghai, and although it covers the same topics, it focuses on the cultural differences between the two cities. If you are looking for a book that will explain the differences between Beijing and Shanghai as well as provide examples of Chinese culture and tradition, then this is the travel book that you may want to read.

For something completely different, you can read "The Book of Angels" by Ian McEwan. This book, which was originally written for a wider audience than the one who would normally be interested in Chinese books, is probably the most famous work by the British author. In addition to being the first English language novel written about China, this book includes stories all about the ancient court of the Shang dynasty, as well as tales about Confucius and the Tiger, two legendary Chinese writers. It is certainly worth your while to read this one. "The Book of Angels" is also available in its entirety in an excellent Chinese translation. If you have never read anything about China that was written in the ancient language before, then this is definitely the kind of book for you.

Finally, if you are looking for something a bit more contemporary when it comes to understanding China’s recent history, then you should read "The Silk Roads" by Julia Cameron. This book covers all of China’s large and small neighbors as well as the relationship that the western world has with China and Madame Mao. This is easily the best book on China that I have ever read. Even if you don’t closely follow Chinese history, this book will make a strong suggestion to begin to learn more about China’s early history, as well as what inspired its modern empire building. It will also give an overview of China’s current economic growth, and how the country is expanding towards the future.


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