When to travel fiji cheap

Want to see the magic of Fiji beaches without having to spend a bomb on airfares? You can now try out Fiji travel packages and save big on airfares to Fiji! Travelling by air is usually the most costly way of seeing the islands, so it makes sense to look for other options if money is a problem. The best thing about a Fiji holiday is that the scenery is stunning, the beaches are fine and there is something for everyone here. Read on to discover how you can make your next Fiji trip even more affordable by choosing from some great Fiji travel packages!

travel fiji cheap

The best way to travel to Fiji is by air, and fortunately for those travelling cheaply this option remains highly attractive. Airfares between Fiji and Australia remain some of the cheapest on the planet, depending on where you’re going and which airline you use. In addition, it’s also easy to find cheap airline tickets between Fiji and New Zealand and all other islands as well. As Fiji is a small island, finding plane tickets can be tough but it’s worth trying because it could prove to be one of the best travel experiences of your life. If your idea of paradise means being off the beaten track, a Fiji holiday might be the ticket!

Your second option for Fiji travel deals is to look for them online, in travel brochures or classified ads. Buying Fiji airfares online is the easiest way to find affordable Fiji travel because you can search using your own keywords or those of the travel company you’re buying from. Many travel agents offer Fiji travel specials that include getting to know the islands beforehand, saving time and money, and booking Fiji flights at cheap prices – making it an ideal vacation package for travellers on a budget. However, it’s always best to use a reputable travel agent with plenty of experience in the islands to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money.

Buying your plane tickets online is easy but there are a couple of things you need to remember. First, always book your Fiji airline tickets from a reliable travel company. Choose from Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz and don’t forget to check the airlines that fly into Fiji – these are the airlines that will usually give you the cheapest fares. Also, be careful when choosing your destination. The following are some of the most popular places in Fiji and the perfect spots to take cheap Fiji flights:

If you’re planning a beach getaway in Fiji, you’ll want to start your day at Fiji Water Park (orate Fiji). Here you’ll have access to water sports like kayaking and surfing, as well as relaxing on the beach and do some shopping. For some of the best diving and snorkelling in the area, head to Grand Cayman and its famous Gold Reef City beaches. All these are easily accessible from Water Park, so it makes sense to plan your activities there and then head to the island’s main airport, Ninjagua.

After escaping the crowds and getting a little rest, you can explore more of the island by taking a flight to Blenheim and Temples Bay. There are plenty of historic buildings here to take in, and you can take a look into a restored plantation, a World War II plane and even a luxury hotel. Once you’ve had enough of the sun and sand, you can head back to your resort and enjoy the many facilities available. You can choose a golf-driving range, a swimming pool, tennis courts and an indoor basketball court. With a choice of five stars, your accommodation should be top of the line.

The island’s north coast features a cluster of small sandy beaches – some with ideal water views, and others safe and quiet for quiet activities. Coral reefs and colourful marine life abound in this part of the island chain, making it a great place for snorkelers to learn the art of diving or just relax on its clear blue waters. Some of the beaches are a little rocky, so if you want to avoid heavy swell, head for the beaches on the south and east coasts instead. There are plenty of facilities, including dive shops, dive centres and restaurants, so you’ll be able to find something to do while on holiday.

If you love surfing, you’ll love Fiji too. Its north coast features the world’s best wave breaks, and the islands have become the go-to spot for surfers in the region thanks to its perfect wave conditions. Head to Marlborough Sounds and board a jet ski for some of the best waves in the region. As you travel Fiji cheap flights from Australia, you’ll be able to come to the island nation as soon as possible, so pack up your surfboard and get ready to hit the waves.


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