Where have the marching band traveled?

In early March of this year, The Concert Band went to a number of major cities across South Africa, which included Cape Town, and Stellenbosch among many others. During their stay in Cape Town they played at a number of prominent events and exhibitions, including the global exhibition Eurostar in Johannesburg. As they were touring this city many artists including Mark Sixma, defended their South African passports in the face of police violence. Many people from around the world travelled to Cape Town to support these brave souls. In this article I want to look at some of the music that has shaped this beautiful country and what impact it has had on music in particular.

band travel

In 2021 The Concert Band travelled to Kenya and played at the World Cup. Although they only played at the cup, this experience has impacted many young minds. A student travel company arranged for the band to stay in Nairobi whilst they rehearsed for the tournament. After playing at the cup the band decided to stay in Nairobi and tour the city. This trip was organised by student travel agents.

As they were touring the city this summer, The Concert Band had another huge influence on the minds of young people. This was the lead singer… challenge. He chose to challenge the views of his countrymen by walking backwards while playing a traditional Maori song during a popular concert in Bloemfontein.

Two weeks later The Concert Band travelled to Ghana to perform at a World Cup qualifying match. It was the first time that any non-Asian team had performed at such a World Cup. The Ghana fans were incredibly passionate about their national football team and gave the marching bands an immense support. This trip was organised by a student travel agent. They met with the band leaders and recorded everything that took place.

The band travelled to Brazil to support their team but met up with an exciting side that surprised them. The band were invited to play at a Severance Hall concert in Rio. There was a huge atmosphere when the band was introduced and it seemed that everyone there was very proud of their choice of music and how they made the appearance.

This story is just one of many examples where people’s lives have changed greatly as a result of being a marching band travel partner. They give their all and support their team by travelling around the world. This experience will stay with the members of the travelling band for years to come.


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